Supplier Information (Questions 1-8)

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*1) Has your company been involved in an acquisition, divestiture, merger, name change or other substantial change in management in the last 36 months?

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2) The following is a partial listing of Monsanto locations/sites. Please indicate at which location(s)/site(s) you expect to provide primary service.

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*6) Which Monsanto Procurement area best matches your company's core product and/or service offering?

Diversity (Question 9-13)

Monsanto has a supplier diversity program in which we recognize the second and third tier diversity spend of our suppliers as well as our direct diversity spend.
7) Who is your single point of contact regarding supplier diversity?
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*8) Is your company a certified Minority, Woman, Persons with Disabilities, Veteran/Disabled Veteran, or GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) owned business?
If Yes, please list your certification organizations and status of any pending certifications
9) Diversity Business Classification Type

10) Diversity Business Ownership