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"Registration does not guarantee business with Monsanto but it is the first step in identifying your interest in doing business with Monsanto. Because of the high number of registrations; if an opportunity arises, Procurement will contact you."
The Monsanto Supplier Information profile contains basic contact information plus additional questions grouped into two areas:

  • Supplier Information
  • Diversity Information
Each area can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding tab at the top of each page. All questions should be completed. The current tab, OVERVIEW, provides a brief description of the process to send us your company's profile.

The Supplier Information and Diversity tabs contain several questions, some of which require that you have specific information about your company on hand in order to complete the form. For your convenience, we recommend that you print out a blank copy of the form so that you can assemble and record the information required before beginning.

Items with an asterisk "*" next to them are required information. The system will not allow you to submit the form without the required information. Suppliers are STRONGLY encouraged to fill out the form as completely as possible before submitting.

Upon submission, we will assign and display a CONFIRMATION NUMBER and other instructions in case you need to change, add to, or update your information. A copy of your completed form will also be included in the confirmation for your records. This information will be sent to the email address you entered under the CONTACT field in the Supplier Information section of the form.

Notice To Service Providers
If your company is an on-site service provider, you must deliver to Monsanto a certificate of insurance providing primary coverage, naming Monsanto as an additional insured under your general liability insurance policy, and granting a waiver of subrogation for workers'; compensation in favor of Monsanto. If your company is an on-site provider, you must complete the Monsanto Company safety qualification process including evidence of a documented safety program, OSHA logs for the last 3 years and EMR rate. Both of these requirements must be completed to Monsanto's satisfaction before suppliers may begin work and before payments due can be processed.

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